Dubai may be known for its modest rules around clothing but Aussie influencer Amy Castano didn’t let that stop her from flaunting her body.

Celebrating the New Year in the United Arab Emirates, Australian fitness influencer, Amy Castano, 31, jokingly flouted the country’s conservative dress codes.

While she’s since returned to Sydney, Castano gave fans a glimpse into her lavish Dubai holiday, where she shared several photos or herself in cut-out bikinis and body-con dresses.

Posing with her friend and Australian entrepreneur, Amal Wakim, in a cropped activewear set, Castano joked her revealing outfits and swimwear would “get her arrested”.

“She’s using me to go viral on TikTok and asked me to flash … I’d get arrested for you @amal.wakim. Committed to the cause,” she wrote in one Instagram story.

Posting another photo of the pair in bikinis at the beach, Castano wrote: “For those that have money on @Amal.Wakim getting arrested first”.

Based in Sydney, Castano is the co-founder of personal training group and gym Acero. The fitness star runs the Kensington gym with her husband and celebrity personal trainer Jono Castano, who’s celebrity clientele includes Rita Ora, Pia Miller, former Bachelor Matty Johnson and model Laura Dundovic.

While Dubai is renowned for being an international hub, tourists are asked to dress modestly, especially in traditional markets and places which carry a religious significance like mosques. While it‘s recommended for men and women to cover their shoulders and knees when in public, the advice is generally relaxed in tourist-centric places like hotels and resorts.

However the country does still enforce some conservative views. Recently, reality TV star Charlotte Crosby was sprung by airport security for bringing a sex toy in her luggage, which is considered an illegal item by the United Arab Emirates.

Other items like CBD oil, pornography and prescription drugs are also banned, as is alcohol unless it‘s bought from a licensed venue.