Visitors to NSW who have been to Brisbane will be made to self-isolate, the state’s acting leader announced.

The move came after Queensland announced a three-day lockdown of Brisbane, which will begin at 6pm Friday.

NSW will make anyone who has been in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Morgan, and Redlands from January 2 self-isolate.

The NSW rule will go into effect at midday on Friday.

“What we have immediately put in place is that anyone who has departed, left, worked, or been in those areas since January 2 and have subsequently come into NSW, are obliged to self isolate or basically have the same application of the stay-at-home order,” NSW chief health officer Kerry Chant said.

“That means they can only do essential tasks such as going out for exercise, but they need to wear a mask, and they need to keep away from others, they obviously have to attend essential healthcare and other essential things.”

She also said those people would be advised not to go to aged care facilities.

“We will advise the aged care sector to screen anyone who may have been in that area. It is critical we protect our aged care, part of our usual response and we have evidence of concern, we immediately advise the aged care sector to prevent visitors to the most vulnerable in our community,” Dr Chant said.

The lockdown in Queensland was decided on after a woman who worked as a cleaner was infected with the new, more virulent strain of coronavirus that originated in the United Kingdom.

More to come.